NTCD-M3 Clostridioides difficile Programme

Background to the NTCD-M3 Clostridioides difficile Programme

NTCD-M3 was developed by GI infection physician, Professor Dale Gerding, who is a world-leading specialist in C. difficile, with more than 400 peer-reviewed journal publications, book chapters and review articles in the area. NTCD-M3 has successfully completed Phase 1 and Phase 2b trials. The Phase 1 study demonstrated a strong safety/toxicology profile and the 95% prevention of CDI recurrence. Phase 2b NTCD-M3 data was published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (Gerding et al., 2015). NTCD-M3 has also been awarded Fast Track status by the FDA. Destiny Pharma acquired global rights to the NTCD-M3 program in November 2020.

NTCD-M3  Mechanism of Action Harnesses the Human Microbiome

C. difficile NTCD-M3 is a naturally occurring non-toxigenic strain of C. difficile bacteria, which lacks the genes that can express C. difficile toxins. It is an oral formulation of NTCD-M3 spores and patients who have taken NTCD-M3 were found to be protected from C. difficile infections. NTCD-M3 acts as a safe “ground cover” preventing toxic strains of C. difficile proliferating in the colon after antibiotic treatment. NTCD-M3 temporarily colonizes the human gut without causing any symptoms and provides protection from CDI recurrence during the post-treatment period..